Monitoring of perioperative factor VIII treatment in a remote hospital by electronic diary smart medicationTM

W. Mondorf, D. Schmoldt (1Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland)

Bleeding disorders, coagulation and fibrinolytic factors
Date: 17.02.2017,
Time: 17:15 - 18:15

Objective: Surgical procedures for patients with hemophilia may be required in hospitals far from the hemophilia center. Close surveillance of postoperative bleeding, subsequent factor dosing and documentation of factor consumption is often difficult to achieve.

Methods: A patient with severe hemophilia A decided for ankle joint replacement in a specialized clinic. The patient was asked to document factor VIII treatment and clinical course by his electronic diary smart medicationTM.

Results: Due to intensive care treatment a personal visit was required on the first postoperative day only, but not thereafter. Factor VIII treatment and clinical course, including photographs of the operation sight were thoroughly documented by the patient himself. Total consumption of factor VIII concentrates and batch numbers were in file of the hemophilia center already at the day of discharge.

Conclusion: Electronic diary smart medicationTM improves and facilitates hemophilia surveillance and documentation in remote perioperative hemophilia care. Inclusion of the patient’s responsibility led to a positive feedback.