Annual Bleeding vs. factor VIII/IX consumption – comparison of result in 2014 and 2015 according to electronic diary smart-medicationTM

R. Fischer1, H. Eichler2, K. Holstein3, R. Klamroth4, A. Nimtz-Talaska5, H. Richter6, K. Severin7, C. Wermes8, W. Mondorf9 (1Giessen, Deutschland, 2Homburg/Saar, Deutschland, 3Hamburg, Deutschland, 4Berlin, Deutschland, 5Frankfurt an der Oder, Deutschland, 6Münster Westfalen, Deutschland, 7Köln, Deuschland, 8Hannover, Deutschland, 9Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland)

Bleeding disorders, coagulation and fibrinolytic factors
Date: 17.02.2017,
Time: 17:15 - 18:15

Objective: Bleeding frequency and factor VIII/IX consumption (FC) differ widely among patients with the same coagulation defect. However, the individual year to year patterns are often similar.

Methods: FC and Joint bleeds (JB) from 192 patients in 2014 were compared to 213 patients in 2015 from the same centers that completed electronic documentation smart medicationTM.

Results: The average FC was 2,442 IU/kg BW (±2,038 IU/kg BW) in 2014 and 2,701 IU/kg BW (±1,837 IU/kg BW) in 2015. The average number of JB was 2.1 (±3.9) in 2014 and 2.5 (±4.9) in 2015. Four groups were identified and compared between 2014/2015: The majority (group A, 45%/40%) had 2 or less JB with less than average FC, followed by (B, 31%/35%) who also had 2 or less JB but above average FC. A minor group (C, 14%/11%) had more than 2 JB and more than average FC and was similar to a group (D, 10%/14%) who had more than 2 JB but less than average FC.

Conclusion: A majority (76%/73%) of patients documented 2 or less JB per year as a result of optimal home treatment showing no major difference between two consecutive years. Patients with high bleeding frequency in spite of above average FC again revealed a small (14%/11%) but important group requiring intensified attention. The electronic diary smart medicationTM is suitable to focus on groups of patient which may require more or less factor treatment or, in case of group C, need otherwise intensified treatment.